Dumpert’s video series Ambu 146 has a shot at a Televizier-Ring

The high-profile video series Ambu 146 from Dumpert, the largest video platform in the Netherlands, has qualified for the Televizier-Ring Online Video Series 2024. The exciting series has received high praise since its release. With a captivating mix of suspense and thrills, Ambu 146 has impressed audiences and received massive votes. The series now has a chance to win a prestigious Televizier-Ring, which recognises the quality and impact of online content.

Dumpert’s video series Ambu 146 gives a unique insight into the heroic work of the staff of Rotterdam-Rijnmond Ambulance. Each episode is full of unexpected twists and challenging situations. With realism and adrenaline, Ambu 146 captivates and intrigues viewers.

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