Branded content: the balance between reader and customer.

Anyone who comes to Mediahuis for branded content is assured of a large audience. That audience is very important to us. So are advertisers. We want to make them both happy, because only then can we speak of successful branded content.

In the B2B department of Mediahuis, we work with professional content directors who all have extensive experience in various editorial departments. We do this consciously because we believe that branded content deserves a journalistic approach and we do not want to deny our readers. Our content must be good at all times, sponsored or not.

On the same line
That is where the shoe pinches sometimes. What we think is good content for our readers is not always directly what the advertiser had in mind. Often a media agency also plays a role, so that we have to get several parties to see eye to eye. Some clients still live under the misapprehension that their brand name should be mentioned in the article as much as possible. With a bit of exaggeration, because then it has to sell. For us, the writers who create the content, it is sometimes a struggle to convince clients and media agencies that what they have in mind does not necessarily ‘score’ well on our titles. We know our titles like the back of our hands and know what readers want to read.

Taking the reins out of your hands
Fortunately, more and more clients are realising this, also because they have experienced it in practice. Experience shows: the more we are allowed to take the lead, the better the content catches on. And that is only positive for all parties. Of course, it is difficult for advertisers and media agencies to let go of the reins. But remember, you don’t walk into the kitchen of a restaurant and tell the chef how to prepare your salade niçoise.

At Mediahuis, we are not stubborn. But we are wise – made wise by experience.

The reader is king
The customer is king, but we have even more kings. And that’s our subscribers and readers. If they don’t like our content, you will miss the mark as an advertiser. Good branded content therefore thrives best when it suits our audience. And don’t worry, we do mention that brand name.

Want to know more about advertising or find out what Mediahuis can do for your brand? Then get in touch with us. Our team is ready for you.